WeBuild x BLOCK71 Saigon

January 19, 2021-

BLOCK71 is a technology ecosystem builder and global business connector which catalyzes and aggregates the start-up community.

With the cooperation with Becamex IDC, the leading infrastructure developer in Vietnam, Vietnam has become the 8th destination in the name of BLOCK71 Saigon to promote and support Vietnam innovative ecosystem and connect it with BLOCK71 global network, including Singapore, SF, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogya and Suzhou.

The joint initiative will support a two-way flow of talent, technologies, and start-ups to promote innovation and entrepreneurship development in both countries.

Vietnamese and Singaporean start-ups may use BLOCK71's global network of resources and contacts to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey and access international markets. Simultaneously, the initiative will facilitate greater information exchange, connectivity, and access to programs between Singapore, Vietnam, and the region.

The two share the same synergy toward building a better playground for the tech community. A variety of activities were agreed to pursue this mutual goal.

As a tech community enabler, BLOCK71 Saigon supports WeBuild members for working location, team meetup, and venue for tech events with exclusive offers.

Working Space

As a member of the WeBuild Community, you can have special access to the BLOCK71 working space. Rather than sitting in the coffee shop or working from home, staying in the zone with more similar people could boost your productivity. The flexible desk is at attractive price for early bird and limited to the total of 20 seats.

▶ Register at: airtable.com/shrQKUuwkAfHmO7DN

Event Space

WeBuild and its umbrella communities such as Golang, Rust, Swift, etc., can use BLOCK71 event space to host tech-related events.

Operation Support

BLOCK71 is now one of our base locations. BLOCK71's address can be used to promote WeBuild's marketing activities, including mailing and other paperwork. WeBuild team is also welcomed to utilize BLOCK71 Saigon's spacious working space for better team collaboration.

Strategic Partner

Having years in the tech industry, WeBuild can provide more accurate insights on technology, its activities, and proud to participate as a strategic partner for technology advisory.

Heading to a more diversified and constant active tech community, the collaboration between the two is expected to widen the tech industry's connection, expand the talent pool, and generate a vice versa support toward communication.