WeBuild Server on Discord

February 23, 2021-

Hello and welcome!

We use Discord to keep in touch.

This is an official discord server of WeBuild Community, an online forum of Viet engineers, programmers and makers. This server is about software development, programming practices, computer science and technology related topics.

WeBuild Community was established in 2017, the precursor of WeBuild community was Ruby Viet Nam, established in 2013. With the first event was the decision to merge with the Golang Vietnam and then was the development of many groups such as: Rust, Elixir, JS, etc. The purpose of WeBuild Community is to create a channel to connect and share many different topics in the software development community.

Unlike most communities on Discord, we try to maintain a professional atmosphere where we keep conversations consistently on-topic. In light of this, please move all discussion unrelated to programming to the #random channel, a private chat, or another Discord server whenever possible.

If you know anyone else that would enjoy having in-depth discussions of these topics, please send them a link to our server at https://discord.gg/xqHJEa5CSN


I'm new here. What can I do?

  1. Head to #introductions and let us know a little about yourself!

  2. Select your interests from #choose-your-stack!

  3. Check to see if there are any pressing #readme.

  4. Join the discussion in #general and level up!

How to contribute

People come here expecting to give and take. If you have learned something valuable from your time here, try and pay it forward by giving someone else the opportunity to have that experience of learning something new or understanding something for the first time.


Here are some extra special channels you should know:


  • #readme Rules and guidelines.

  • #changelog For important announcements regarding the server, events, etc.

  • #choose-your-stack Pick your tech stack to gain fully access.


  • #general You can ask questions or post things related.

  • #random For casual chat, where we have fun.

  • #go, #rust, #ios, #frontend, etc. these rooms are moderated by sub-community.


  • #〈🍭〉perks as WeBuild member, you can query and receive special offers from our partners here, from office space to services.

  • #〈💬〉suggestion-box Let us know if we can better serve our community.


  1. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.

  2. Be thoughtful in how you communicate.

  3. Don’t be destructive or inflammatory.

  4. No blatant NSFW.

  5. No spam or self-promotion without permission from a staff member.