WeBuild Day 2020

January 05, 2021-

WeBuild Day, which took place on December 12th, 2020, was a post-COVID initiative for developers to meet, share, and make friends within the tech industry.

Hold at Block71 Saigon, WeBuild Day received great support from many companies that share the same passion to nurture the tech community.

Attendance stats

We believe that developers and tech companies are the keys to a robust ecosystem. The event succeeded with the participation of more than hundreds engineers, sponsors, and supporters.

In spite of the Covid 19, WeBuild Day achieved trust and welcoming from the community, we are pleased with that. A quick look at several numbers:

  • 156 tickets were sold out from the ticket box

  • 20% of the attendees are from 97 - 99

  • 50% from 91 - 96

  • 30% from 90+

The given survey put a small hint about their employment experience

  • Happy with current job: 47%

  • Open to anything: 50%

  • Looking for a new opportunities: 44%

The agenda was designed with a strong focus on Mobile in the morning; Web Development and DevOps in the evening.

Looking forward

Voluntary attempts are still the key point we keep for this event. As the years go by, it's safe to say we only ship out the best preparation only when we truly want to do it.

We want to deliver our best gratitude to our sponsors: NFQ, Dwarves Foundation, Be, Axie Infinity, Codelink, Flodesk. And also give a huge thanks to our partner: Block71 Saigon, for giving a hand in making this happened successfully. Road to more collaboration to better expand a playground for the humans in tech.

For 2021, we would love to hold another small meetup “Afterwork” and still keep it as volunteer basis with the collaboration from companies and from other communities.

See you soon.